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Apple Bottoms Clothing

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Apple Bottoms Clothing Rap artisit Nelly, his cousin Yomi Martin, and a friend Ian Kelly got together in 2003 to launch the Apple Bottom clothing line. After achieving much success with their men’s hip hop clothing line Vokal they noticed an opportunity in the women’s clothing industry. There was a need for urban clothing that catered to a women and her shapely figure. Nelly shared in an interview that the name for the clothing line was decided upon randomly and when the Apple Bottoms name was thrown out the three were instantly sold on it. The concept of the Apple Bottom clothing line is to cater to women with an “apple bottom” figure. President of the company, Leslie Ungar, says that the idea is for the clothes to fit the woman instead of the woman trying to fit the clothes.

A six city tour was then put into action to find perfect “Apple Bottom” girls between the ages 18 and 25 that could represent theApple Bottom clothing line. The tour began in New York City and ended in Las Vegas. The tour was made into a reality show by VH1 and the Apple Bottoms team and the model contest had people glued to the television trying to catch every episode. Due to the amount of success Apple Bottom clothing was receiving they launched the first collection which were Apple Bottom jeans and sold out nationally. Since this first collection Apple Bottoms has expanded into several other areas such as Apple Bottoms for girls. Only one year after the launch in 2004 Apple Bottoms was already bringing in 50 million dollars in revenue.

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