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C.KHiD + C.K.H.i.D. =
Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming
C.KHiD Writing the Best Hip Hop Songs of 2010

C.KHiD is a new Hip-Hop culture birthed music artist that will help redefine the genre's limitations. "A breath of fresh air," once said the founder of Down South Rap Music site.

Listeners can only rate C.KHiD (pronounced C KiD) as an obviously unique individual that fits no category by rap standards. A conscious flow with major charm, C.Khid will be a catalyst to the rebirth of Hip-Hop culture and image.

Releasing his first Hip-Hop music album "Black Box Dreams" in August 2009, C KHiD is focused. Building a viral prescience on social sites such as Youtube, Myspace, and Twitter, hopes are high for a successful independent sales debut.

Site's such as Sport's illustrated, World Star Hip-Hop, DatPiff, and others have contributed to C.KhID's popularity heavily. Focused on marketing himself in the digital age, C.KHiD leads his own vision with assistance from a qualified team of writers and internet savvy friends.

Born and raised in the city of Mauldin (Greenville Metro), South Carolina, C.KHiD gets much inspiration from NBA champion Keivn Garnett. Watching the local athlete as a small youth, Garnett's achievements kept the idea of living your dreams conceivable.

Son of an English teacher, C.KHiD's vocals are not the typical southern sound. He credits that to his mother's brilliance, attached family, and living in New York city for 5 years. Remaining a country boy in heart, C.Khid finds much influence from the economically weak southern countryside his family migrated from.

Birth name Rodrick, C.KHiD got his name from playing street basketball in South Carolina and Georgia. Many friends referred to him as "Kid" and "Carolina Kid," which he coined for his artwork and pen graffitti taggings. Growing into opposition of the idea of being called a kid, he developed the pen name "C.KHiD."

The pen name C.KHiD is an acronym. It stands for the phrase "Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming" which represents all striving for goals.

A new Hip-hop artist looking to stay ahead of the music industry trends, C.KHiD expects major success on sites such as Itunes and Myxer. Striking deals with sites such as Myxer, C.KHiD is learning to maintain and successfully market to the Hip hop audience that targets concious Hip Hop and Pop music. As press release, web-site reviews, music videos, and more mount, it is only a matter of time before the world is saying "C-K-H-Iiiiiii-D, Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming."

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CKHID — Cannot Kill How I′m Dreaming