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Hip Hop Clothing

Looking for information on today's most popular and major Hip Hop clothing lines? Need to know about who you are shopping and where to buy specifics like LRG clothing or maybe a girl looking simply for Baby Phat Jeans ? Check out this directory of sources and information on Urban clothing lines. New Hip Hop fashion lines are being added regularly.

Looking for skinny jeans and the fitted hip hop clothing? A leader in the fashion world, CKHID has the information hook up on all your favorite streetwear clothing brands. Find Japanese streetwear brands from TITS brand, Jeepney, DissizIt!, and Rocksmith to smaller unknown clothing lines. Click any item and shop today.

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Hip Hop clothing stores on-line and physical locations are easy to discover and educate yourself on with a little help. Enter the CKHID directory of stores to read up on stores on-line and off. Learn when, where, and who founded what urban fashion stores.

Hip Hop clothing history is important to understand. The style of rappers and creativity of designers has created an amazing market for the new Hip Hop culture to follow upon. From Karl Kani and Tupac Shakur's joining forces to launch the fashion genre known as hip hop clothing to 50 Cent helping spark the fastest selling clothing line of all time, this is knowledge from C.KHiD.

Hip Hop Clothing
Hip Hop Clothing The Hip Hop Clothing of today differs from those of 10 years ago. With each generation a new twist is added onto the styles of the past, usually incorporating spawns of other fashion genres. Trends come and go with the wind as rappers try to stay on top of the game.

Trendsetters in the rap world come once in a while, really gripping hip hop culture and controlling the way people dress. Major Hip hop clothing lines in fact were even started by some of these trend setting rappers. People such as Jay Z, Diddy, and Fabolous really coined their image using it to market inventive fashion ideas and brands.

If you are a fan of Hip Hop Clothing or just a shopper looking to understand the history or find new places, use CKHID on-line a resource to find information or get discounts at online stores Dr Jays, KarmaLoop, etc.

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