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Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming

artist(s): C.KHiD    video: Vegas Atlanta Harlem

Hip hop Blog Hip Hop Blog websites are all over on-line today. However, finding quality content websites are hard. As a cultivator of New Hip Hop culture, we want to help users find new web sites that are giving good content.

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Sojones      → [ goto blog ]

Sojones has been around since 2002. The first Hip Hop clothing and urban fashion focused web site ever. Founded by C.KHiD, find everything you can need fashion related there. Also check out the C.KHiD interview while browsing. No other hip hop blog like this.
Down South
Down South      → [ goto blog ]

Down South was the first Hip Hop Blog dedicated to Rap Down South. Site is very open to featuring new southern artists with hot songs and an on-line prescence. Find all the news on major rappers from Atlanta, Houston, Miami, New Orleaans, Memphis, the Carolinas and more.
Down South
WorldStarHipHop      → [ goto blog ]

WorldStarhipHop is one of the largest Hip Hop websites today. The first to really step into the digital age of video with a force, you can watch this Hip Hop Blog site's content. Find national news, New Hip Hop music artist, major artist music videos, freestyles, and more.
IndieHipHop      → [ goto blog ]

This is a Hip Hop Blog every indepedent Hip Hop music artist should be subscribed and following this site. Great information on how to market your music, tips and tricks on on-line networking, and showcasing of new artists.
Idea Girl Consulting
Idea Girl Consulting      → [ goto blog ]

Popular Hip Hop Blog on Wordpress that is all about the music. Featured C.KHiD music videos regularly and willing to give exposure to people they like.
SmartenUpNas      → [ goto blog ]

Popular Hip Hop Blog SmartenUpNas keeps you on top of the latest of things going on in Hip Hop culture not just the music. Extra features include cars, technology, and fashion. Easy set up. For those inde artists, try to hit them up and get featured; very open to featuring new artists.
24HourHipHop      → [ goto blog ]

24HourHipHop is a well-known Hip Hop Blog that's in website format. News updates are not as frequent as some other sites but it's a great budding resource. Has a specialty in mixtape reviews, music downloads, and new rappers.
WordOfSouth      → [ goto blog ]

WordOfSouth is an upcoming Hip Hop Blog for southern rap music. Very good editorials and news content. A great site to check out on the regular and watch new rap videos, download exclusives, and see what new talent is rising down south.

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