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Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming

artist(s): C.KHiD    video: Vegas Atlanta Harlem


new rap freestyle page update: 05 / 08 / 2010

LIVE! New Rap Freestyle 2: tables turnt up by South Carolina's DJ Funky White Boy
" Part 2 of the New Rap Freestyle Session with DJ Funky White Boy. There is an ill scratch at the beginning and ending of the session you should not miss. This is real Hip Hop going down in Greenville, South Carolina every week! Join the C.KHiD youtube for every update at the Official C.KHiD Youtube. "

A - I Freestyle

Eminem Rap Freestyle
Eminem Rap Freestyle

J-Q Freestyle

Lil Wayne Rap Freestyle
Lil Wayne Rap Freestyle"

R-Z Freestyle

Soulja Boy Rap Freestyle
Soulja Boy Rap Freestyle

New Rap Freestyle covers feature C.KHiD over instrumentals originally recorded on by the above listed artists. These are live video recordings on pages, not a recorded song. C.KHiD vocals are just flowing parrallel with the rap beats playing. Download "Jacked 111" for free on-line or buy "Black box Dreams" CD at the CKHID store to get the full mixtape singles.

If looking for freestyles by the listed artists above, visit our Freestyle Rap page. It has lots of new rap freestyle recordings and videos for all Hip Hop fans looking for something beyond C.KHiD.

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CKHID — Cannot Kill How I′m Dreaming