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Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming

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Black Hair Styles
Wiz Khalifa Hair Styles Wiz Khalifa Hair Styles
Here is one of the upcoming trendsetters of black hair styles today. Wiz Khalifa's hair has caused much controversey, as one mustard patch in his head caused a trending topic on twitter. Check out this Wiz Khalifa hair gallery to see many of his black hair styles past and present.

Nicki Minaj Hair Styles Nicki Minaj Hair Styles
Here is the leader of most black hair styles today. Nicki Minaj wears more different hairstyles than anyone. Of course utilizing the help of weave and wigs in her image, we also have photos of Nicki Minaj natural hair styles.

Black Hair Styles
Black Hair Styles The Black Hair Styles of past and present can be seen here on CKHID. Whether loooking for what black hair trends 2011 offers or aiming to find a retro black hair style to bring back to your block, we have you covered.

Browsing above, find our galleries of all your favorite new Hip Hop music artists, Pop Stars, actors and actresses, and more. Expanding on this section regularly as C.KHiD has a healthy infatuation with black hair, be sure to send suggestions for addition to CKHiD@CKHiD.COM

Be sure to watch C.KHiD on YouTube to see his "ckhidHAIR" videos. An entertainment segment showcasing how he cares for his shoulder-length hair, it's fun watches.

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