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Hip Hop Interview with WorldStarHiphop Founder Q (part 2)
05 / 03 / 2010

Hip Hop Interview with WorldStarHiphop
photo for "Hip Hop Interview with WorldStarHiphop"

Hip Hop Interview Question :
Did you goto school for web design or something? How did you begin all of this?

Q., founder of WorldStarHipHop
Nah, I was doing internet chatting and little web stuff since about 1996 or '97. WebTv, I was on that shit when it first came out. Yahoo and all that chatting and flyign to meet girls from all over the country. That had me like DAMN, this is Ill. Seeing how crazy things like this were, I knew it was the future.

So I kept reading business and entrepreneur magazines, just reading up on things. That's when I started and began distributing Hip-Hop mixtapes. Eventually touring with 50 Cent and G-Unit, we stayed on the road and I wasn't home anymore. I was no longer going home to my housing projects and stopped shipping out mixtapes as I should have been.

At that point People were e-mailing me like Yo, where's my order, it's been forever. That's when I realized I needed a way to get people a product without having to mail anything. That's when I thought of WorldStarHipHip, it was originally going to be a mixtape download site

Hip Hop Interview Question :
Why did you call it WorldStarHipHop?

Q., founder of WorldStarHipHop
I traveled the world booking shows for DJ Vlad and DJ Whoo Kid. I travled the world and realized the world loved Hip-Hop. Everybody was going crazy for Hip-Hop, which had me like wow when I saw it. So then I thought of the idea we are stars in the world of Hip Hop.

SO then I started WorldStarHipHop and things jumped off. In 2005 and that's the year it all began.

Hip Hop Interview Question :
When did you realize World Star Hip Hop would be something major?

Q., founder of WorldStarHipHop
I Knew it in 2005, know what I mean? I'm something like the Russell Simmons of the internet for Urban and Hip Hop music. I was one of the first cats to come on-line. In 2001, I had a Hip Hop mixtape site. I was already ahead and i knew this was the future. After each site, like a hundred thousand people copied what I did trying to duplicate my vision.

After that, once WorldStarHipHop was launched I knew it would be 'It.' I just needed the right partner and right team to get me over that hump. So I was already thinkng outside the box and had celebrity nude pictures and sex tapes, doing the wild side. I was doing Poker and everything. WorldStar was not your typical Hip Hop site. It was definitely more thinking outside the box. Things outside the box always grow faster than the average, the norm. I just didnt know when it would (blow up), so I just keep pushing and pushing.

Hip Hop Interview Question :
It's rumored around the industry that your website has gotten record deals for some artists. Are you aware of any?

Q., founder of WorldStarHipHop
Yeah, a lot of artists have been signed from the site. A lot of models have gotten famous from WorldStarHipHop too. The site is so big, people see you there and things take off. It's just like being on tv; Any major network channel whether its BET, MTV, ABC, or whoever. If you are on the front of WorldStarHipHop today, boom, everybody knows who you are.

Everybody wants to be on WSHH because of that today. A lot of people blowing my phone off the hook. Models, rappers, and more. However, I changed the way I accept things and made it harder for new content to go up.

It's crazy to me because people will hit me up like I'll do anything to get on your site. However, I keep the business first and be picky of who comes up. I don't get credit for any of them after being featured so I am just picky of who I deal with. Rappers and models blow up and don't even credit us, so I just dont deal with everybody.

There's so many rappers that have broken out I can't even recount them all. I just see it as a blessing and I'm sure it will come back. Model names, Ms Natasha and Cubana Lust got huge from WorldStarHipHop.

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