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Zoo York Clothing

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Zoo York Clothing Zoo York Clothing was inspired by the skateboard lifestyle and was founded in 1993 by none only but three skateboarders. The founders of Zoo York Clothes are Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gessner, and Adam Schatz. The trio teamed up to create Zoo York Clothes and gained inspiration from the Zoo York culture that was growing rapidly in New York City. The Zoo York Clothes brand was strongly influenced by a social movement in the streets of New York as well as by the unforgiving streets of New York and the colorful combination of diverse cultures that lived there. The Zoo York artists came alive in Manhattanís Riverside Park and they built an elaborate graffiti scene with spray paint, skateboards, loud music, and a lot of creativity. During the 80ís Zoo York began to symbolize the underground artists in New York which included the skateboarders, punks, and other creative outlets. The Zoo York revolution that inspired Zoo York Clothing was marked by graffiti artists that left their art on trains, DJs that perfected their skills on the turn tables, and skateboarders who claimed legendary places like Astor, Washington Square, and Brooklyn Banks.

The creators of the Zoo York Clothing brand got their inspiration from the hip-hop and skateboarding graffiti artists that were evolving everywhere in the New York City. Zoo York Clothes then resulted to be a product that captured the dark and grittiness of New York. Zoo York Clothes started out with simple decks and tees but eventually the Zoo York Clothing line grew into all out streetwear. Zoo York Clothes has been known for utilizing military surplus, urban-athletic styles, and a sturdy design that is ideal for a rugged terrain of a big city.

Today Zoo York Clothing has turned into a recognizable brand all over the world. Itís East coast attitude and the dialect it uses in its clothing designs is irreplaceable. Zoo York Clothes is also heavily influenced by skateboarding culture, graffiti art, hip-hop music and fashion, punk styles, and everything in between. The Zoo York Clothing brand is known for a wide range of casual looks for men and women that often incorporate military imagery and Zoo York icons. The Zoo York Clothes Crew includes the original graffiti artists from New York, designers, music artists, new and old school skateboarders, and some of the big names in the BMX and surf communities. The Zoo Crew shows a great deal of support for the Zoo York Clothing brand.

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