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Sean John Clothing

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Sean John Clothing Sean John Clothing was launched by Hip-Hop and Pop Music entertainment mogul Sean 'P.Diddy' Combs in 1998. Initially known for it's upscale ip-Hop clothing flare, Sean John eventually progressed into a full fashion fashion range.

Currently exceeding $100 million revenue yearly, Sean John clothing has become a respected brand amongst a diverse group of consumers. From the Sean John tailored suits for businessmen, to denim jeans with high thread counts and original velour suit, almost every lifestyle is covered.

In 2004, the same year Diddy signed high fashion designer Zac Posean, Sean John clothing made big changes. Those changes led to the brand recieving a "CFDA" award for Men's designer of the year award. This achievement capped off 5 consecutive years of nominations.

In 2008, Diddy made a public announcement on his DiddyTV Youtube channel that stunned many. For $20 million US dollars, Liz Claiborne sold Enyce clothing to the Sean John clothing company. Diddy said he would resurrect the brand to bring it current.

Sean John Clothing has also been at the forefront of change in society. The S.J. 5th Avenue clothing boutique's opening marked the first black owned business on New York City's 5th avenue. Opening in 2004, it's a date that Hip-Hop culture should retain.

Other Sean John brand collections include:
Sean John Unforgivable Men

Sean John's "Unforgivable" fragrance launched in 2004, becoming was a best-seller by the year's end. It's been rated one of the best fragrances of the decade and one of the rare times, a men's cologne is the #1 selling fragrance.

Sean John clothing at its essence will forever represent the best of Hip Hop clothing. Escalating from the classic streetwear lifestyle into high fashion, Diddy's clothing brand represents the full range of success a man with Dreams can have. Look for expansions in the brand to come surely.

Sean John clothing is one of the last remaining black owned major hip hop fashion brands from the 90s era. It is impressive what Diddy created and maintained with the brand. Retaining a high quality control standard, Sean John clothing is a world class brand.

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