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Rocawear Jeans
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Rocawear Jeans Rocawear Jeans are highly respected in the hip hop clothing industry. They are known for being made of high quality fabrics, featuring superior design, and mostly for being good looking pieces. Rocawear, founded by famed rapper Jay-Z, is one of the hottest streetwear brands on the market. Rocawear is also internationally known as a popular hip hop clothing brand. Rocawear Jeans are not over the top in “street” appeal and they are not stereotypical. When some people think of hip hop clothing they think of baggy and ill fitted pants and shirts, but Rocawear maintains an urban appeal while sustaining a lifestyle approach. Rocawear bridges the gap and appeals to the average person as well as the hip hop clothing fan.

Rocawear Jeans are made in several styles, colors, and fits. Rocawear designers use creative techniques such as denim washes, embroidery, paint splatter, and whisker effect. Their creative style is what produces Rocawear Jeans with that worn, faded, torn, wrinkled look. However, what is interesting about these jeans is that even though these effects are applied the jeans do not appear dingy, ratted or tattered. They may be wrinkled or torn but each detail is crisp and stylish.

Many of Rocawear Jeans are faded in certain places to create a pattern. They may also feature faded accents, splattered paint details, and crisp wrinkles. These styles create a youthful urban look but their attention to detail keeps Rocawear Jeans a luxury piece. These jeans usually cost from $58 to $88 for different styles.

Jay-Z’s new Private Reserve Denim collection however costs from $225-$275. The high prices are all for a good cause though. All proceeds from the sale of the Private Reserve Denim collection go to the Hope for Haiti fund. The Private Reserve Rocawear Jeans are made of Japanese selvage denim and are made in three different classic colors and styles.

Buy Rocawear Jeans online for great prices. First, check out the official Rocawear website, For more deals and clearance prices, visit online hip hop clothing store On you will find Rocawear Jeans for as low as $24.99.

Rocawear Shirts Rocawear Shirts
Need Rocawear shirts? Check out these designs and see if it makes you buy the new Rocawear fashions. The best of new gear.

Rocawear Jeans Rocawear Jeans
Rocawear Jeans are classic denim for the Hip Hop clothing shopper or boutique fancier. Prices vary but still lots of great deals on these jeans.

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