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Crown Holder Clothing

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Crooks and Castles Clothing Crown Holder clothing is a new, hot, hip hop clothing line by legendary brand Fubu. Crown Holder clothing embraces its royal name with a tagline, “In Every Age There Are Kings”. The people who wear Crown Holder clothing are meant to feel like royalty of the streets. The clothing brand has started out designing t-shirts, polos, sweaters, hoodies, jeans, and outerwear. This apparel is for the leaders and the people with street credibility.

The co-founder of Crown Holder clothing, Keith Perrin, is also the founder and owner of well known urban clothing brand, Fubu. Crown Holder uses a mix of materials and embellished prints to create a royal look. The looks for the Fall 2010 collection of Crown Holder clothing features items such as the Crown Holder Crest Tee, Crown Holder Pocket Denim Jeans, and the Crown Holder CRN tee. The Crown Holder Crest Tee feature epaulets on the shoulders along with rhinestones and the brands crest embroidered on the chest. Crown Holder clothing also produces premium denim such as the Vine Back Pocket jeans that can be matched with any of the Crown Holder tees. The Crown Holder jeans usually feature heavy embroidery, woven detail on the pockets and waistband, and designers use materials such as velvet and golden ropes to add to the royal vibe. The creators of Crown Holder clothing state that “After all, the Crown Holder is a term used to stratify a person who has authority in the state, a number of private investments, power, and street credibility. A crown holder is immune from false blame or persecution. Person who wish to exercise the commandment given are applicable. The crown holder distinction is similar to what leaders and pioneers experience today.”

Crown Holder clothing is sure to hold up to their authoritative name with details and colors that suggest royalty and are sure to make the wearer feel like a king. Crown Holder clothing is a fashion brand to look out for in the near future especially upon the release of their Fall 2010 line.

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