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Coogi Clothing

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Coogi Clothing The Coogi clothing line is a worldwide popular clothing brand which has been in business for over 36 years and was not associated with the urban community until many years after its establishment. Coogi clothing is known for its vibrant colors, bold prints, woven designs, bold textures and signature patterns. Coogi was founded by Jacky Taranto who is originally from Melbourne Australia. Jacky Taranto created Coogi clothing in 1969 but the line did not come onto the hip hop fashion scene until the 1990’s. Coogi was introduced to the hip hop world by Christopher Wallace, who is better known as the Notorious BIG.Notorious BIG mentioned Coogi clothing in one of his famous lines which is “I stay Coogi down to the socks.” Because of the rapper’s popularity at the time hip hop fans began to buy Coogi like never before. Celebrities such John Denver and Muhammad Ali were also known to wear Coogi clothing during its early days. However, today you can catch Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, Megan Good, Jay Z, and several other celebrities making appearances wearing Coogi.

Unfortunately in 2001, Coogi clothing suffered financial hardships. The Coogi clothing line was sold to US investors for nearly $25 million. Strangly Jacky Taranto claimed to be in debt dispite the fact that Coogi clothing was generating over $45 million in sales at that time.

Because Coogi clothing has been present in the game for such a long time, today they have an even stronger luxury quality. Coogi clothing plans to open flagship stores in the near future for international shoppers. Coogi clothing is even recognized in the Smithsonian Institute for its fabric design and manufacture. Mr. Milton Seonday is the curator of Textiles of the Smithsonian Museum and he has been quoted to say that “Coogi represents to me and the Cooper Hewitt one of the highest levels of technique and design.”

Coogi clothing is the ideal fashion line for people who want to stand out from the crowd and push the limits of fashion. Every piece of Coogi clothing is unique and they make beautifully crafted sweaters, pants, jackets, and more for men and women. For example in the Coogi Nouveau collection you will find unique button downs made of 100% wool or 100% silk. Coogi clothing also makes athletic wear. The line of Athletic wear includes athletic seperates, golf outfits for men and women and more.

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