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Blac Label Clothing

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Blac Label Clothing Blac Label clothing was established as a hip hop clothing line in 2006 by Mike “Black” Yusseff. Mike Yussef already had much experience in the fashion business and in 2006 he presented the concept of the Black Label clothing brand and then launched it under Headgear. The man behind Blac Label is fairly new on the hip hop scene but has quickly taken the spotlight in the urban fashion community. The kind of fashion that Blac Label clothing expresses is very popular in hip hop fashion right now. The creators of Blac Label were inspired when athletic styles, vintage jerseys, and novelty tees began to leave mainstream fashion in 2001. The brand was created when premium denims began to take over in the apparel industry. By combining men’s couture and everyday style Headgear created Blac Label Premium. Because of the demand of premium denim the market needed tops that reflected a similar growth and complexity. Blac Label clothes began to create tops that filled that empty space in the fashion world with innovative and clever designs that were intense and attractive at the same time.

Blac Label clothing started at as a simple tee shirt company but is steadily evolving into a well rounded lifestyle brand. Blac Label did not use celebrities endorse their products but they used quality and craftmenship to get the attention of the urban community. Blac Label clothes rose to a high demand and the brand soon expanded into a line for women as well. Blac Label clothing states that their clothing line will soon include boy’s clothing and accessories as well.

Blac Label clothing strives to redefine the artistic aspect of tees by paying great attention to detail and using high quality materials. Blac Label clothing also shows an obsession for a correct cut and fit. The people at Black Label brand describe their line as the “all-American look”, no wonder they are a leader in the fashion industry. Now Blac Label is going beyond tees and is taking their intricately crafted designs to jackets, shoes, hoodies and much more. Blac Label clothing is recognizable by the bright colors, bold designs and larger sizing techniques. Reverse seams and cut and sew designs were an original touch and the larger sizes were meant to accommodate big and tall men who found it hard to find fashionable clothing in their size.

In order to keep up Mike Yussef says that they must keep up with the trends and change to meet the market demands. Blac Label clothes has been very successful but is still fairly new on the urban market. However, Black Label clothing seems to have a lot farther to go in the fashion industry.

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