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AKOO Clothing

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Akoo Clothing AKOO Clothing was founded in 2008 by multi-platinum rapper Clifford "T.I" Harris, entertainment mogul Derek Geter, and prestigious fashion mogul Ralphy Reynolds. It's reported T.I. wanted to create the Urban fashion range to fit his diverse needs from entertainment to the business board room. As a result, AKOO clothing has pieces sharp enough for Denzel Washington on the red carpet to Hip-Hop trendy wear teens love.

AKOO, the clothing line's brand name, is an acronym. A King Of Oneself is what it means and symbolizes. An assumption, T.I. probably wanted the name to represent how he's channeled his life energy towards positive things, conquering various obstacles to succeed.

According to co-founder and Creative Director Ralphy Reynolds, AKOO denim jeans are the best in Urban fashion hands down. A fashion mogul that's been working behind the scenes over a decade, he reports all Akoo denim is produced in Japan by the best manufacturers known. Ranging in price from $70 to $200 generally, Akoo Jeans have unique washes and fray patterns that have stormed Hip-Hop and Streetwear fashion cultures.

Below is a video of C.KHiD in 2009 with Ralphy Reynolds at "Striver's Row" boutique which is owned by Derek Geter and wife "Tia." Akoo clothing held their new collection's launch during the 2009 BET Awards weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

Akoo Jeans Akoo Jeans
If a fan of AKOO clothing, you already know they offer the best premium denim collection on the Hip Hop clothing and streetwear markets.

Akoo Shirts Akoo Shirts
If an urban clothing consumer that has seen AKOO shirts before, you have to be a fan of the brand logo. Check out A King of Oneself Shirts.

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