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Akademiks Clothing

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Akademiks Clothing Akademiks clothing is a hip hop fashion brand that was founded by two brothers by the names of Donwan and Emmett Harrell. The intentional misspelling of the word “academics” is catches the eye of many when they see it spelled akdmks or akademiks on much of the label’s apparel. Akademiks came onto the hip hop scene in 2001 when rapper Fabolous popularized it in many of his lyrics. He also wore a velour piece by akademiks on the inside cover of his album, Ghetto Fabolous.

By 2005 the Akademiks clothing label received stirred up controversy when advertisements on MTA buses in New York were banned for the racy slogan, “Read Books, Get Brain” appeared in the tagline. The MTA officials did not initial realize that the slogan had a second meaning until it was pointed out later. However, in 2006 Akademics released a second advertisement for MTA but this time it was clean. A number of other artists in the hip hop industry helped bring the Akademiks brand to popularity such such as Dizzee Rascal and 50 Cent.

The vision the Akademiks clothing line gives is to, “Pave the way for those who know”. This brand is for the people who like to think for themselves and know that true style and fashion come from within. Akademiks believes that what you where is not who you are but is a reflection of it. Imagery found on the apparel is rooted in modern landscape and is made from natural fabrics using textures and lots of color. Akademiks is not just style but a philosophy as well.

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