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C.KHiD + C.K.H.i.D. =
Cannot Kill How I'm Dreaming

artist(s): C.KHiD    video: Vegas Atlanta Harlem


c.khid pics
C.KHiD shot a rap video the most downloaded amongst new songs of 2012, "It Is What It Is". You will be amazed by this one. Directed by shawn Ouwinga, part of this was shot on top of a mountain cliff, thousands of feet in the air.

c.khid pics
The full C.KHiD Hip Hop fashion gallery. Pictures that were done for fashionable purposes and/or in conjunction with various clothing brands. Complete galleries of high quality C.KHiD pics for fans to take and share on blogs & social media.

c.khid pics
The life and times of C.KHiD beyond rap and Hip Hop music. This is an open view to how C.KHiD really has lived, through the ages. It gets no realer than a photographic story, so this shall do the talking.
Crooks Castles x Cool Grey Jordans x C.KHiD Crooks Castles x Cool Grey Jordans x C.KHiD
Photo Shoot — New C.KHiD pics for fans. Grabbing a new outfit to match the Cool Grey Jordans 11s sneakers, grab this match if you can find it. Crooks & Castles along with the afro blown out to the max, more dope Hip Hop pics.

New Sean John Clothing x C.KHiD New Sean John Clothing x C.KHiD
Photo Shoot —Check out these C.KHiD pics from an end of year, 2010 Hip Hop clothing photo shoot. Geared in a Sean John lennon top and fitted jeans, the fitted and adidas Kicks were throwbacks from a deep closet.

C.KHiD and Pretty Cool Girls C.KHiD and Pretty Cool Girls
Lifestyle — C.KHiD loves beautiful women of all sorts that are motivated and doing their thing. Here are various photos of C.KHiD with pretty cool girls from all over the US and world. From friends and associates to fans and more.

Virginia Beach 2010 Virginia Beach 2010
Photo Shoot — Virgnia Beach 2010 was a trip of pure fun for C.KHiD and friends. Rolling deep in one large SUV, the trip was scheduled on super FLY notice. The team were to meet with 3 more girls from Brooklyn, New York but that ended up not...

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CKHID — Cannot Kill How I′m Dreaming