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Rap′s Saigon Wants To Punch Rick Ross & 2 Chainz In The Face

Rap′s Saigon Wants To Punch Rick Ross & 2 Chainz In The Face

11 / 13 / 2012       writer: Dahryl Pharoah

Rapper Saigon is rated as one of the best rap lyricists to come out of today's Hip-Hop generations. Other talents that came out in his rap class include 50 Cent, Cam'Ron & The Harlem Diplomats, Kanye West, and TI. Creating a lot of controversy with his 'brother' True Life, confronting rival rap crews, Saigon told Power 105.1's The Breakfast club, he's on the edge of attack again. He's Ready to fight for the children.

"If they don't change the message though.. for real... I'm on a whole new beef" says Saigon to The Breakfast Club.

"Who would you want to punch right now," quickly replies T.B.C. host Charlamagne Tha God.

Calmly, Saigon fires off his list. The rapper says "Rick Ross, I would wanna punch... everybody man. (mumbles) Rick Ross, umm... every- 2 Chainz... Everybody that's putting out (rap) music detrimental to children man."

A rapper fighting for the community's respect? Who does that in the Hip-Hop 2012 era? Most rap artists are talking about big booty strippers, how being broke is pitiful, and doing physically/mentally destructive drugs. Saigon refuses to be a part of the massive mental depletion program being projected upon the youth however.

"These companies market the music to children and y'all know that. If you gonna do that, lets say yo... my music is a dope content [ referring to putting a label on music]." speaks Saigon of a solution to the psychological travesty. He continues, giving more detail of his philosophy , "You know when you go in a movie store, the porno has its own little section. Do that for this music."

The music industry would never likely agree with Saigon's idea however. And also, combating new social media like YouTube, would also become a second issue. Few of the sites like the video giant put 18+ requirements on music videos from major labels. They only put warnings on independent artists that don't have millions of dollars worth of content vested in the site, to avoid losing advertisement profits.

While Saigon suggests punching Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, or a DJ that played "Birthday Song" at his daughter's teenage party in the face, it's clear he means it figuratively. Rapper Rick Ross, who's been confronted about fraud image by cocaine kingpin Freeway Rick Ross, 50 Cent, GD Folk Nation, Young Jeezy, and others can add one more non-believer to the list.

Watch the full Power 105.1, The Breakfast Club, interview below on CKHiD.

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Rap′s Saigon Wants To Punch Rick Ross & 2 Chainz In The Face Pics

[ video ] Saigon interview with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club

Saigon on Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, Discusses Rick Ross & 2 Chainz
[ photo ] Saigon on Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, Discusses Rick Ross & 2 Chainz

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