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George Zimmerman & FreeMason Father Failing To Make Trayvon Martin Bad Kid

George Zimmerman & FreeMason Father Failing To Make Trayvon Martin Bad Kid

10 / 20 / 2012       writer: Dahryl Pharoah

George Zimmerman is still free. He's not been sentenced to prison yet after killing innocent teen, Trayvon Martin, with countless civilian witnesses. Not even after investigators proved Zimmerman's lying his story of how he got in a tangle with the teen.

America 2013, Welcome to the power of having a Grand Free Mason for a father. Welcome to the trial where you get 2 years to try and find a way to paint one teenage minority guilty. Welcome to the reality of our unjust legal system, where cop's try help cover up facts and others expose the truth. It looks like George Zimmerman is taking yet another stab at trying to find a speckle of dirt on Trayvon Martin to stand-on as his defense.

"Though it sounds horrible to come before you and say, 'I really want to go after the victim's reputation,' that is simply what the Sixth Amendment tells us we have to do," George Zimmerman lawyer Mark O'Mara told the presiding judge Friday.

What importance do Trayvon Martin school records hold in this case? It's not quite clear.

Keep in mind George Zimmerman's already been proven to have a criminal past, scuffling with a Police Officer and creating a public disturbance.

Can't you imagine Mark O'Mara and Zimmerman saying, "Trayvon Martin quoted rap lyrics from Lil Wayne or he liked the movie Terminator, it's obvious he's guilty your honor."

If not that, it won't be far off. This murder trial has become somewhat of a joke with it's facades and delay of judgment.

With the new requests one might keep focused on the fact, the Police Department are heard telling George Zimmerman NOT to follow Trayvon Martin. If he would have listened to authority then, the Florida teen would still be living today to testify. However, Zimmerman did not listen. He is still getting away with chasing down the teen, then murdering him in cold blood.

Regardless, Judge Debra S. Nelson, still granted Zimmerman & Lawyer's request for a Martin's school records. It's widely believed the only reason Zimmerman's gotten this far with the case is because his father, a retired high courts judge from Virginia, is a well-tied Free Mason Brotherhood member with Grand rank.

Much of this case also relies on media coverage. If the lawyer, Mark O'Mark can get this case extended so long the media loses interests, there's a high chance society will not place pressure on the courts to hold George Zimmerman accountable. A tactic that is easily read into with such gimmicks as "Let me see Trayvon Martin's school records."

Furthermore, Judge Nelson authorized O'Mara's request to subpoena Trayvon's Social media site posts. She said, if there's evidence that a victim had a violent past, it could be relevant. Though it seems she's overlooking the fact the teen-killer, George Zimmerman has a disturbing past of racist behavior and lying to criminal officials.

In another legal move, Mark O'Mara and George Zimmerman are trying to seal who they subpoena in this case. Media companies like the New York Times, CBS News, and NBC are trying to fight the move to keep secrets in this case.

Is that practice normal? No it's not. Unlike most on-going murder trials, it seems the new Ms.Judge, is allowing the Free Mason off-spring even further leniency to confuse the highly-attentive public on this racial injustice.

Keep up with the latest news on the 'Trayvon Martin Murder Trial' via the Orlando Sentinel: Trayvon Martin case, section.

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