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Greek Olympian Voula Papachristou ( @papaxristoutj ) Racist Tweet, Sparks Olympic Ban

Greek Olympian Voula Papachristou ( @papaxristoutj ) Racist Tweet, Sparks Olympic Ban

07 / 30 / 2012       writer: Rodrick Rainey

Voula Papachrisou, almost a Greek Olympian, found out a loser's attitude, gets losing results. Publicly promoting her racist tendencies on twitter, a hail storm of negative press ensued, causing her to be banned from the World Olympic Games of 2012 and the future. Perhaps now the triple-jumper can put her hopping skills towards something new like kangaroo impersonations, her career on-field is done.

Papachrisou's twitter earlier read "With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!".

Though she has since apologized for her poor taste trying to recover any money possible, it is done now. Her infamy was caught and recorded by various blogs, websites, and press outlets. Any brand associating with the 'possible' Greece Olympian for 2011, would risk having their name drug in the mud as well. A rough landing for the triple-jump competitor.

How does Greece's Olympic Team members feel about the decision? The world will never know. An Olympic committee decided to also ban athletes from using social media to express personal opinions.

"What we did after this is was to ban all statements on social media (such as) Twitter and Facebook, that are not related to the games. They can't express personal opinions on other, third subjects, but only about themselves, their athletic condition, if they're on form, or about the games, until the games are over," said Hellenic Olympic Committee representative Tassos Papachristou to the Associated Press while in London. And while Tassos shares the same last name as Greece's Triple-Jump racist, Voula, it's said they share no relation.

The decision to ban Voula Papachrisou can not be undone either. Greece's Olympic hopeful was terminated officially.

"She has been informed ... that this is a decision that will not change," continued Tassos apachristou.

Hopefully the remainder of the 2012 Greece Olympic team can continue on with focus. The teammate has caused track & field teammates mental disturbance with her blunder, but the competition must go on.

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Greek Olympian Voula Papachristou ( @papaxristoutj ) Racist Tweet, Sparks Olympic Ban Pics

Voula Papachristou ( @papaxristoutj ), 2012 Greek Olympic Team Athlete Banned
[ photo ] Voula Papachristou ( @papaxristoutj ), 2012 Greek Olympic Team Athlete Banned

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