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Play Cloths Clothing
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Play Cloths Clothing We all have reminisced a time or two to the song ‘Kid Again’ by Travie McCoy. Well reminisce no more. Play Cloths Clothing is a brand that will take you back to that ‘kid again’ phase with its exclusive fashion.

Play Cloths Clothing is a street wear like none other. This progressive street brand focuses on the creation of high quality garments that is adaptable to any lifestyle. Whether your playground is on the Jersey Shores or the Hills of Cali, Play Cloths Clothing is sure to put you in the zone. Play Cloths Clothing expands on the idea of the childhood notion where you had clothes designated for school and for when it was time to play. They utilize bold graphics and a number of stylistic influences. Without sacrificing quality for style, Play Cloths embraces cultural backgrounds and individuality. The memorable emblem of a little kid running, Play Cloths Clothing was founded by the Virginia-based Hip Hop duo ‘Clipse’; Malice and Pusha T. The two brothers served as the ‘poster boys’ and trendsetter for the popular Japanese brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE). After years of promoting other apparel by popular designers, Clipse teamed up with designer Doug Life and created a signature line of T-shirts, hats, hoodies, denim jeans, jackets, and many other street wear items influenced by urban and rock styles. They promoted their line in February 2008 at the fashion trade show Magic in Las Vegas. Since then Play Cloths Clothing has been making its mark in a plethora of boutiques.

Today, Play Cloths Clothing is being worn by many of our favorites. T-Pain was spotted wearing Play Cloths brand at the Hot 97 Summer Jam back in June and even President Obama was captured wearing a Play Cloth T-shit while playing basketball with high school students. Play Cloths continues to bring out new fashions with every new collection. If you’re looking for what Pusha T describes as “fresh, clean street wear with sparks of nostalgia,” Play Cloths Clothing is what you want. From accessories, vest, hats, traveling gear, bags, jeans, shirts, sweaters, believe it or not dice, and so much more, Play Cloths will provide its fans with never-ending boldness, style, and fun.

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