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Married To The Mob Clothing
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Married to the Mob Clothing Married to the Mob Clothing is a women’s clothing line that emerged out of New York city in 2004. Founder by Leah MckSweeney took note of the various hot urban clothing brands that offered stylish looks for men but it seemed to her that there were no street brands that catered to women. MOB was created as a streetwear clothing label designed by women for women. The name “MOB” is a tribute to the “Most Official Bitches”. Leah MckSweeney gives credit to the girls she hung out with growing up in New York city who always seemed to have her back through thick and thin. She used the streets of New York to draw inspiration. Her inspirited for designs for the clothing label came from the nighclub scenes, secret hang outs, and parties. MOB can be called clever, chic, and smart with a lot of attitude. MOB clothing clearly reflects the attitudes of the streets of New York but this doesn’t stop females from all over the globe from connecting with the clothing and street-smart slogans. MOB clothing inspires opinions because it MOB represents a lifestyle and relates to the confident stylish females everywhere.

MOB which stands for Married to the Mob Clothing, has always been strictly a women’s clothing line until now. Married to the Mob has been very reluctant to consider designing men’s clothing considering that it is such a female centered brand. After six years of success in the women’s streetwear industry they have finally given in to the demand for clothing for men. MOB is debuting a new men’s line of tees that include three different styles and two colorways. The tees for men will have the same type of provocative slogans that Married to the Mob Clothing is known for but it will have a masculine edge.

The upcoming rapper Curren$y has been chosen to be the spokes-model for the Married to the Mob Clothing men’s line and is just like the original MOB persona which is young, hot, a rebel, and confident. We expect much more from this urban clothing line and they seem to be expanding at a successful rate. The new men’s tee’s feature slogans like “Money Over Bitches” and other sayings that go right along with the New York street attitude.

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