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Luxirie Clothing
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Luxirie Clothing Luxirie clothing, A Labour of Love, is the latest LRG line for women. The LRG company developed the idea for the name of this women’s line from the combination of two words meaningful words. The first part of Luxirie is the word, “lux” which means refinement of living. “Irie” is the second part which is defined as a state of feeling the highest. The name itself seems to contain the essence of LRG clothing. Many similarities can be found in the ideas behind this brand and the original LRG line. Luxirie strives to inspire creativity, open-mindedness, and artistic freedom. This line celebrates diversity, and positivity in society. As a sister brand of LRG they focus on women who are trying to pay the rent with their passions and following their heart in life. Luxirie supports underground talent and independent women. At Luxirie, they would like to put the spotlight where they feel it belongs. They believe that clothing is not only concepts and designs but it is a way of life.

The LRG brand was inspired to launch the women’s line in 2005. They expanded into the Luxirie clothing line which started off much like the original LRG brand and with a moderate amount of success. However, this caused the demand for women’s hip hop streetwear to grow and the clothing brand did so quickly over the course of a year. Luxirie, A Labour of Love by LRG was released in Canada and the United States in the year 2006 and is still successful today in 2010. Luxirie is branded with the signature “L” inside of an arrow shaped in a heart. The Luxirie brand is a line that is sexy, classy, and contemporary. This LRG brand is making move to allow females to embrace the new “urban boutique” style that has already been popularized with males. To purchase the newest releases from the Luxirie brand visit Drjays for low prices on this women’s line and other LRG clothing and streetwear.

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