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House of Dereon Clothing
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House of Dereon Clothing The House of Dereon clothing line was presented by Tina and Beyonce Knowles in September of 2004. House of Dereon clothing was first introduced on the Oprah Winfrey show as well as the Tyra Banks show. Dereon clothing represents three generations of women in the Knowles family and line was actually named after Beyonce’s grandmother, Agnez Dereon. Agnez Dereon was once known as a skilled seamstress and dressmaker in Louisiana and she made beautiful custom clothing for her clients. Angnez Dereon’s creative touch seems to have been passed down through two generations. House of Dereon clothing is easily recognized by the symbol it carries with three branches which represents an iris flower. This flower is linked to the French monarchy and is said to represent Louisiana which is where the Knowles family is from. House of Dereon clothing is known to create stylish and unique clothing for young women. Singer Beyonce is active in the creating process for Dereon clothing and she also participates in approving new designs. House of Dereon clothing has a tagline which is “Couture.Kick.Soul.” The first word, Couture represents Tina Knowles, Soul represents Beyonce’s grandmother, Agnez Dereon, and Beyonce is represented by the Kick.

Beyonce started her music career in the group Destiny’s Child. A little known fact is that many of their outfits for performances were often designed and sewn by Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles. This is how Destiny’s Child became known not only for their music but also their unique style and fashion. For Tina Knowles, creating these pieces may have sparked the beginning of Dereon clothing. House of Dereon clothing is influenced by a mixture of hip-hop styles, 70’s designs, and even styles from the 40’s. The Dereon clothing line uses denim uniquely, stands out with ultra-feminine embroidery and ruffles, beaded lace, lush colors, and also utilizes the use of fine fabrics such as silk charmuese, chiffon, and satin crepe. The mission of Dereon clothing according to is “to fuse celebrity power and design and artistry into a brand of global importance… a house of aspiration and inspiration… where entertainment and fashion merge seamlessly. The house of Dereon- Coutoure.Kick.Soul.”. Dereon clothing is inspired by a mixture of ideas. The designers of House of Dereon clothing try to incorporate styles from the generation of Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s grandmother’s generation, and then Beyonce’s generation as well.

The House of Dereon clothing line is beautiful, elegant and hip, but the best part is that it is affordable. Women can now express themselves with stylish jeans, elegant blouses, trendy accessories, and fashionable clothing that is made especially to fit the natural curve of the female body. Dereon clothing is considered to be a “high-end-ready-to- wear” clothing line and continues to grow in the hip hop clothing industry today.

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