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Yelawolf | NEW RAPPERS
new rapper Yelawolf added: 04 / 12 / 2010


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new rapper highlights:
  • Over 27,000 searches globally for Yelawolf monthly according to Google
  • Music Video "Kickin" went Viral on Youtube
  • Eminem is a fan of Yelawolf's music
  • Inked record deal with Ghet-o-Vision / Interscope Records

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Born Michael Wayne Atha, Yelawolf is the new southern Hip Hop sensation that is bringing new rap music a good sound. Since his debut, a major buzz has built around the new rap artist Eminem co-signed as hot. With over 1 milion youtube views his hype continues to grow, pushing him up the priority list at Interscope Records.

Yelawolf Yelawolf was born in to a single mother that moved him around constantly. Taking up residency in Baton Rouge (LA), Nashville (TN), and Atlanta (GA), his influences are greatly spread.

Learning to rap while in Antioch (Tennessee), Yelawolf found rappers Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Three 6 Mafia, Souls of Mischief, Skinny Pimp, Nappyhead, and Haystack to be inspirations for him to pick up the pen. Continuing to expand his music endeavors while in the Nashville suburb, his Music City experiences gave him direction for his career.

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