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Rocawear Clothing Rocawear Clothing was founded in 1999 by Damon Dame Dash and Shawn Jay-Z Carter. Founders of the Roca wear brand, they also has silent investors Alex Bize and Norton Cher, backing the brand. Jay-Z once cited the inspiration behind Roca wear clothing was rejection from popular brands such as "Iceberg Clothing." Wearing the other brands in Hip-Hop videos of his own and featured artists, Dame Dash and Jay-Z realized there was a huge profit potential in the idea of branding their own clothing line.

The name Rocawear obviously comes from their "Rocafella" recording label, which was a spin-off of multi-billionaire John D. Rockerfeller's name. Catchy and only 3 syllables, it continued to work of the brand Dame and Jay-Z established

At its peak, Rocawear clothing exceeds $800 million in sales yearly. Licensing deals with various companies have helped it see expansion greater than most other Hip-hop clothing lines.

In 2005, Dame Dash was forced to sell his stake in Rocawear clothing to Jay-Z and Russian investors, Alex Bize and Norton Cher. The estimated value of the sale was $22.5 million in cash and nearly $8 million in controlling interests of spin-off brands. Forced to sell his stake, Damon Dash was reportedly furiated by the deal.

In March 2007, Jay-Z sold the rights of the Rocawear clothing brand to the Iconix Brand Group (IBG) for an estimated $204 million. Beyond the sale he also retained a stake in the company, overseeing marketing, licensing, and product development personally.

Alex Bize and Norton Cher still retain positions in Rocawear clothing as well, guiding the manufacturing of the brand.

Iconix Brand Group was founded by Mr. Neil cole. It's original name was "Candie's Incorporated."

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