Me – C.KHiD

Much of what happens to you in life, good or bad, is because of yourself.  The motivational C.KHiD song “Me” was a reminder to his listeners, to focus on self before all.  Here is the official music video to follow suit, a story tale of Love and Hip Hop.

Shot in just outside of the capital city of the Dominican Republic,  the story plot features a rapper in a rocky relationship chasing his music dreams.  Pushing his music in the streets daily, his girlfriend gets tired of the promise for a better tomorrow.  She loses faith in his goals and Dream.  Instead she wants the rapper to quit his path and do something that will be more stable for her.

In the meantime, while passing out music, the aspiring musician encounters a girl who struggles with her boyfriend while handing out CDs in the streets.  She can’t put trust in her scandalous boyfriend as he’s always cheating and making excuses.  She knows everything she wants in future relies solely on ‘her’ at this point.   After realizing her needs to satisfy “Me” or herself, her mind opens.  Something sparks her interests in the aspiring rapper from the streets and the way he’s focused on his Dream.

Soon, the two connect from his contacts which are on the album.   After talking, the aspiring musician also begins to realize his future depends on himself as his failing girlfriend does not support him.  He then puts more value in the word “Me,” leaving the negative relationship.

After both leaving their failing relationships and eliminating their own excuses for lack of support, the aspiring musician and girl that supported his music decided to get close.  They see what they want for themselves works well together.    After putting “Me” into their mindset, they find positivity in being together.

A part 2 sequel may be on the way. Stay tuned.

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