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Annual Ice Cream Festival In Prague Now Largest in Central Europe

Annual Ice Cream Festival In Prague Now Largest in Central Europe

06 / 03 / 2019       writer: Reggie Bolden

If you are a frequent international traveler with an affinity for sweets, Europe is definitely a place to travel for an entire summer. Italy to Serbia you can find delicious cultural treats that are not common in America and at a fraction of US prices. As these places are famed for their tasty treats, one kinda obscure place to add to the list is the Czech Republic. The capital city of Prague is rocketing up the ranks of ‘best places for Ice Cream’ as they host their 5th annual festival for the summer goodie.

Biggest Ice Cream Festival

If unaware, this is not a fly-by-night ice cream festival. Instead, it is an elaborate multi-booth event that is the largest of its kind in central Europe. In the world, Prague is climbing the ranks of the best places for ice cream and many believe it’s already debuted some of the best unique flavors of any place on earth.

Each year the event is slated to take place on June 2nd. The event just passing this 2019 is the 5th consecutive year ‘Ice Cream lickers’ have flooded the streets of Prague. Everyone comes to the city simply to celebrate and eat the delicious, dairy, sweet treat. Vendors bring their best not only come from the Czech Republic but also Slovakia, Poland, and Austria.

More interesting for the people looking to try something new, ice cream is not the same as it used to be. At the Prague festival, visitors can get their favorite gelato, soft serve, yoghurt, ice roll, sorbets, ice lollies, vegan cup, and more. Entering the park, you pay for your bracelet and everything inside can be purchased with a ticket.

The official website of the festival,

After the Ice Cream

Prague is a central European city that is growing rapidly. According to, there’s a wide range of other events and sites visitors can enjoy as well. The city’s zoo is top ranked in the world and even known for sending animals to other parks, as far as Great Britain. Opened in 1931, it was one of the first Zoological Gardens made in Europe and has grown tremendously in the last 20 years.

If a student, the fact the Central European city is the #1 place for quality of living during University studies, is also noteworthy. There is an estimated 37 universities in the city. Of those, the highest cost school is only $10,000 USD per semester. Most schools are under $5000 (USD) per semester.

See the video below for a review of the Nightlife in Prague by YouTube “Livin That Life.”

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Annual Ice Cream Festival In Prague Now Largest in Central Europe Pics

[ video ] Livin THat Life, YouTube Vlog on nightlife in Prague

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